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Services for High-speed Image Processing - Videos How to use

 How to use

To use , follow the three steps below.

  1. User Registration:Please read the "Terms of service". After that, I would like you to perform procedures on the screen of registration.
  2. Download:After registering, you can access Thumnail movies and download them by entering your ID and PASSWORD, which we will send you.
  3. Using videos:You can use videos that you download freely for the purpose of your research. And you can download them without charge and without limit.
 1. User Registration
  • Please read the "Terms of service" first. The "Terms of service" are here.  Terms of service
  • If you agree to the "Terms of service", please check the "Agree" button at the bottom of the page and click "Next Page".
  • At the next page, please click "Format of registration mail"; the content of a text file is displayed on your screen. You can copy and paste the text into the message body of an e-mail or a text editor. After that, please fill-in the necessary information. See the "fill-in example" for reference.
  • When you finish filling in all the items, please send the e-mail to <>.
  • We will send you an ID and PASSWORD by e-mail after we check the details of your registration email.

We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than authentication and communication with you.

 2. Download
  • After you get your ID and PASSWORD by e-mail, you can start to download videos.
  • When you click an item in the list of Thumbnail movies, you will be requested to enter your ID and PASSWORD.
        ID…e-mail address that you used to apply for user registration
         PASSWORD… password that we send you in an e-mail after we verify your registration.
  • When you log in to the content pages, you can access the pages where you can download videos. By clicking the name of the files you want, you can download the videos (WMV files) into your download folder.
 3. Using videos
  • You can use videos that you downloaded in step 2 above. There is no limit on the number of times you can download. Also, you can download all videos at no charge.
  • All videos are in WMV format. If you want videos in other formats, we can provide them if you e-mail us at< However, we apologize in advance if we take some time to reply.
  • You can use the videos in your image processing research.
  • Please make sure to read any relevant "Notice" before you use them.

If you have any questions that we can answer, please feel free to e-mail us on <


We think that sharing of knowledge among researchers will stimulate developments in this field , so your contributions on the following points would be deeply appreciated.

  • If you download videos from , please advertise this.
  • If you release any products, please mention the fact that you used (in an article, report, publication or software).
    If you refer to particular movies, please use Movie Number (e.g. ARM01-0060f, MOSAIC01-1000) as defined in download pages.
  • After the release of a product, please report the information (via an article or exhibition information).

Please inform us about these reports by mailing us at <>.

One of the goals of SHIP-V is to enable researchers to use the same videos to make it easy to compare algorithms, so changing and redistributing original videos is prohibited. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding on this point.

will contribute to research on high-speed image processing. Please abide by the “Terms of service”.

Please note that you cannot use the videos for any purpose other than your research.

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