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Services for High-speed Image Processing - Videos Vehicles Motions


High-speed movies of vehicle motions.


When you move the cursor over a thumbnail, you can watch its sample movie (near natural speed), and find a popup below it, which contains the information on the movie. You can download the movie file by clicking the link in this popup. Several frame rates are available. The quality of the sample videos are much lower than its original version, so if you wish to use these videos for your research, please download them first.

List of videos Vehicles Motions

A car is running from the back to the front
Resolution : 1,024x1,024 / Condition No. : 1
Frame Rate Video ID Number
(Recording / Playing Time)
(File Size)
60 fps CAR1-0060
( 25.50s / 51.00s )
( 6.82 MB )
125 fps CAR1-0125
( 26.44s / 1m50.17s )
( 14.41 MB )
250 fps CAR1-0250
( 25.80s / 3m35.06s )
( 27.60 MB )
500 fps CAR1-0500
( 25.01s / 6m56.87s )
( 52.87 MB )
1000 fps CAR1-1000
( 25.19s / 13m59.79s )
( 105.99 MB )

Details of movies

Use Application

Tracking, Application to driving technologies (such as automatic driving technology...) etc.

Recording Circumstances

Condition No. High-speed camera Lens f / Shutter speed Light
1 Photron
Ai Nikkor
50mm f/1.2S
8 1/1,000s (60 ~ 500fps)
1/1,001s (1000fps)
High-brightness LED emitting light
at visible wavelengths 50W 6000K
2 1.2 1/1,001s
3 kinoflo Diva-Lite 400 Universal
lump:55W KF55
4 2
5 2.8
6 11

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